The Rococo Series

Each of these one moment shots has been prepared between 2 and 4 hours.


Mateo Moém is a photographer and creative director. He creates artworks within scenarios from different time periods.
A mix fusion of modern photography and digital painting.

To achieve this, he and his team use the body language of his models, overall composition of the group, colour psychology,
made to measure costumes, lavish set designs, real locations, accessories accurate in every detail, modern postproduction and finally,
make use of a special printing-processes.

The depicted interpretation of history is based on extensive research of various time periods, with the intension of
mirroring our present into the past and the past into our present.


The Mafia Series

Eight amateurs, acted in four different scenarios to create a full day story.


Art Basel Miami
Selected as 1 of the 6 best young artists of the year

4 awards at PX3 competition in Paris
Out of thousands of entries from over 85 countries

CIDPAE China International photography art gold award
overall winner


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